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Get an experienced attorney to fight for your rights

Do you feel that you've been fired unfairly or discriminated against at work? Are your wages and overtime not being paid properly? Don't try to face these and other job-related situations alone. Let me use my 40 years of legal experience to work with you to try to get the best possible result for you.

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Employment law can sometimes be difficult to fully understand, especially when detailed contracts are involved. You don't have to stand for unfair treatment at your job or wrongful termination.


I can review your situation and help you understand what your rights are under the law. Call to schedule your appointment. 847-562-1761

Make sure your rights are protected

• Wrongful discharge or termination

• Discrimination

• Harassment or hostile work environment

• Retaliation

• Wage and hour claims

Find help for many job-related legal issues

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Don't try to take

on a big company alone. Get experienced

legal representation

on your side.

Call today to schedule an appointment and find out what your options are.


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